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Codeigniter Pagination Part 3 OK so we have now covered setting up Codeigniter Pagination and passing some simple data through it. We have also managed to add categories to our posts to make it a little...


Codeigniter Pagination Part 2 So leading on from the last screencast we now have some simple data being pushed through the pagination library. Now were going to look at adding categorys to our posts...


Codeigniter Pagination Part 1 One of the biggest things I see being asked around the codeigniter forums & IRC channel is pagination. So I have decided to create a set of tutorials from basic setup...


Codeigniter Preparation Hopefully if I can keep my promise and will be rolling a set of screencast on this site and part of them will be to do with the Codeigniter Framework. I though it would...


Radio Button Replacement With Style I thought I would kick off this blog with a short tutorial on how you can make form radio buttons look and feel allot more interesting. A recent job required the user to...


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I have over 5 years php and general web development experience and have worked on all kinds of projects both large and small.

I particularly enjoy Ecommerce, bespoke and complicated projects and can demonstrate a high level of proficiency and customer satisfaction.

Ensuring sites meet appropriate both technical and user standards is always a priority. Also where applicable I can help ensure the site is fully optimised for best change of achieving high Google rankings.

I’m more than happy to work on a consultative basis or as the fully involved developer on the project.

Approachability and talking business sense are key attributes of mine and I’m happy to help clients explore and understand the best solutions for their business.